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Own Your Voice Academy is an innovative approach to continuing music education, focused on honing a more specialized skill set while building community through peer-to-peer relationships + professional networking opportunities!

Our courses are designed to help you fine tune your technical skills, network with other creatives, and learn how to become successful in the professional music world. 


How Are You Owning Your Voice?

Looking for in-person classes? Are online workshops better suited for your needs?


We offer both online and in-person courses for a variety of levels, styles, and interests.


While OYV is not a private lesson school, we specialize in teaching collaborative music masterclasses, workshops, and intensives covering topics such as songwriting, recording, music technology, stylistic technique, and more!   

Continuing Education For Everyone


I'm Gabrielle, the owner and director of The Own Your Voice Academy! 


My life is centered around all things music, teaching and community, and my passion is finding creative ways to bring all three of those things together. Thus, OYV was created as a professional resource for today's musicians to explore their gifts, while being immersed in a supportive community of like-minded creatives! 


I am thrilled to bring together local and international experts, who will offer you trade-secrets, inspiration, and education, as you hone your musical skills and learn the tools to succeed as a unique artist.


Welcome to your community!  


Meet The Director

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