"The OYV Academy was created to meet musicians (like you!) right where you are, while challenging you to reach your full potential, collaborate with professionals, and connect with + inspire your community. Here you will be given the tools to sharpen your skills, share your gifts, network with a thriving community of musicians, and kickstart your potential for success as a contemporary artist!"


with OYV Guest Educator, Regan Farney

Course Description:


Have you ever wanted to write a song, but the process always seemed...well...intimidating?  


Lyrics first, or the music? Does it even matter?


Or maybe you don’t know anything about music, but you just want to know how musicians do what they do.


In this course, Regan will be walking you through her personal songwriting process, as well as covering topics such as:


  • Songwriting: Where Do I Start?

  • Inspiration, Theme, Execution

  • Rhyme Schemes + Lyrics

  • Songwriting Challenge


We know the process can seem intimidating, but think about it

this way...like a painting, the music you create will be unique.

There isn’t a perfect way to write a song. However, the goal of

this course is to inspire you and give you more confidence in

your writing, and hey, maybe you will learn something new too!


We can't wait to start writing with you!

*Enrollment opens November 7th

*Session 1 begins November 14th - 5:00 PM CST


(PT. 2)

- Holiday Special! - 

with OYV Guest Educator, Regan Farney

This is the ultimate craft workshop - you'll hone your craft while creatively using your skills to share personalized gifts with loved ones!

Course Description:

In this course, you will dive into the following topics:

  • Understanding Song Structure

  • Deconstructing The Pre-chorus + Bridge

  • Finalizing Your Song

  • How To - Create Jingle-Grams (Short Songs To Share!)


Regan will challenge you to dig deeper into the songwriting process, while breaking down her technique of creating short, catchy songs. These Jingle-Grams can help you approach the writing process in a less intimidating way, and they also make GREAT holiday gifts + offer creative ways to start monetizing your skills)!

*This course can be taken consecutively with Songwriting, Simplified Pt. 1, or as a stand-alone workshop. This class will

cross-over and expound upon techniques from part 1, but more advanced writers will be able to dive right in to part 2!

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with Industry VIP, Jermaine Smith

We are thrilled to introduce Jermaine Smith as an OYV Industry VIP Educator; he is an international performing artist and vocal coach, and is excited to use his vast performance experience to teach the next generation of musicians!

Course Description:

With the 2021 spring semester comes college audition season + theater auditions! If you are looking to land a music scholarship, or your next lead role, this class will help you navigate the professional audition scene; you'll receive professional insight into the judging process, and refine your technique for a dynamic performance!


Educator Bio:


Jermaine is most well known for his iconic portrayal of Sportin’ Life in “Porgy and Bess”, and has performed at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Glimmerglass FestivalTeatro San Carlo in Napli, Italy, Seattle Opera, and Tanglewood Music Festival with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


He’s performed the role in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sicily, The Grand Canary Islands and in this country at Union Avenue Opera, Opera Pacific, and in Francesca Zambello's production at both Washington National Opera and LA Opera.


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