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01 Foundations - Beginner

Songwriting Basics 101:
Verse + Chorus Structure and Rhyme Schemes

Course Description:


This class will give you actionable tools necessary to start the writing process, and will help boost your confidence in your writing skills! If you've ever asked the question, "where do I begin", then this course is for you. You will learn where to look for song inspiration, how to develop a story/theme, and be challenged to create a songwriting plan. You will also be introduced to beginning rhyme schemes for lyrical flow!


In-course songwriting challenges are included to help you put these concepts into practice.

03 Core

How To Write Short Song Form + Monetize Your Skills 

Course Description:


This class will challenge you to dig deeper into the writing process, while breaking down the technique of creating short, catchy songs. These Jinglegrams can help you approach the writing process in a less intimidating way and offer creative ways to even start monetizing your skills!

You will learn the anatomy of a short song form, discover how to personalize your songwriting, and learn how to incorporate rhyme schemes and literary devices in your writing process.

In-course songwriting challenges are included to help you put these concepts into practice.

02 Foundations - Intermediate

Songwriting Basics 102:
The Bridge + Pre-Chorus

Course Description:


This hands-on workshop (complete with a detailed downloadable workbook + bonus resources) will teach you the musical function of a pre-chorus and bridge, and when to include them in your song structure. You will also be introduced to basic chord chart theory, song forms, and commonly used musical terminology.

In-course songwriting challenges are included to help you put these concepts into practice.

04 Live Class

Collaborative Writer's Rounds:
Writing Seminar + Breakout Groups

Course Description:


These live, in-person sessions are created for the purpose of networking and collaboration!


Each session begins with a songwriting seminar, and then incorporates break-out groups for collaborative writing. Each small group is led by a music mentor, to help even beginning writers navigate the co-writing process.


Students are encouraged to bring their portable instruments of choice (guitars, ukulele, mandolin, cajon etc.). 

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What Makes The OYV Academy Unique?

Own Your Voice Academy is an innovative approach to continuing music education, focused on honing a more specialized skill set while building community through peer-to-peer relationships + professional networking opportunities!

The academy is designed to help modern musicians fine tune their technical skills, explore all facets of music - i.e. music technology, software, performance, songwriting, and auditions - and learn how to become successful in the professional music world.